Daily Blooms
What they needed

As the original in a now crowded market, Daily Blooms wanted a visual and tonal refresh that reflected their blooming brand, offering the freshest of the bunch with a different bouquet daily. They requested a logo and visual identity evolution, help articulating and refining what they say across all touchpoints including website, labels and social media, and beautiful, wow-inducing packaging that complemented rather than competed with the hero: the fresh flowers.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Visual Identity
Packaging Design & Copywriting
Web Copy

How we went
We started with a clear strategy and fresh vibrant tone of voice which opened up a new creative positioning: Let every day bloom. Acknowledging the ‘just because’ or small moments of beauty in the everyday as well as the major milestones helped position Daily Blooms as the go-to florist for any - or even no - occasion. A modern and revitalised brand identity with a rich and bright colour palette and elegant illustration ensured every touchpoint of the brand pops. With every bunch a surprise but always a delight, evocative copy and visuals that capture the reaction to blooms that brighten the daily highlight a refreshed brand bursting with natural beauty and emotion.
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