Love Luna
What they needed
A television and social media campaign that showcased how their reusable period care products offered not only a more sustainable solution, but a comfortable one, too. Knowing that their customers loved their briefs so much they were choosing to wear them even when they weren’t on their period, their first campaign needed to establish Love Luna as an underwear drawer staple.
What we did

Campaign Ideation
Art Direction
TVC production
Social Media

How we went
Knowing Australian women are busy enough without adding another thing they have to feel guilty about, we positioned Love Luna as an easy choice and simple everyday switch anyone can make on the path to living more sustainably. The tagline and campaign platform - ‘Easy decision, sustainable solutions’ - showed that while some of the decisions we make don’t necessarily make life easier for ourselves, Love Luna can always be relied on. Fun, light and relatable, the brand message this campaign championed added to the period care conversation in an accessible and engaging way. The Love Luna campaign launched across television stations and digital outlets nationally, supported through a 360-integrated social media campaign.
Made lovingly with our friends

Production Company: The Producers
Media Agency: Media33
Talent: Brooke Lee

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