Vitis V
What they needed
Words that brought to life their skincare that harnessed a powerful ingredient discovered through decades of winemaking. Luxury designed to be enjoyed every day, Vitis V’s personality, packaging and website copy needed to clearly communicate the brand’s foundation of art and science, and the potency of its unique, hero ingredient saved from white and sparkling winemaking: cold-pressed, unfermented grapeseed oil. And pair beautifully with the visuals being cultivated by Voice Design Agency.
What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Personality
Packaging Copy
Website Copy

How we went
Taking the magic from the vineyard to the bathroom, we created a personality for Vitis V that was warm, sophisticated and experienced and poured over copy across all touchpoints. We stripped away the complexity to celebrate simplicity and efficiency, reflected in their hero Face Toniq powered by just two ingredients. Blending the art of winemaking with the science of skincare, we distilled dramatic routines and overcomplicated formulas into an essential, daily dose of luxury. One made for those who enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life.
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Voice Design Agency

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