10 strategies that are vital for growing consumer health brands.

The health industry is growing quickly.

The health industry is growing quickly. It seems like every day there’s a new product, app, or program determined to help improve people’s wellbeing. So how do you get cut through and make consumers care about your brand more than the next five they see? We’ve got you. Here are our must-have strategies for growing and maintaining a successful health brand. 

Check your vitals

1. Leverage Content Marketing.

Your content marketing should be about solving the most pressing problems of your target audience. AKA share solutions, up your engagement. Win win.

2. Create a consistent online experience.

Consistency is key. From your website and socials, to your colour palette and tone of voice, aligning your brand touchpoints seamlessly will create an elevated brand experience.  

3. Personalise your customer experience. 

Customers are craving a personalised experience. Ensure the way you engage with customers is built around addressing their needs. Be patient, be personalisable.

4. Improve customer satisfaction.

Customers aren’t loyal forever… unless you give them a reason to be. With ever growing competition, be sure to always look for ways to improve your services.

5. Leverage social media.

Social media is one of the best brand-building tools (when done correctly, of course). Don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage with paid ads. 

6. Focus on organic search engine optimization. 

By organically using relevant phrases and keywords in your website, your brand has a chance to rank higher in the search engines. Translation: more clicks, more sales.

7. Ask for customer reviews.

Show current customers you care by asking for their opinion, and splash them all over your platforms. It improves SEO and creates more trust with your audience. 

8. Gather feedback to learn and grow from.

If you receive negative feedback, see it as a learning experience. Next, prioritise resolving the issue quickly, carefully, diligently. 

9. Find the right influencers. 

It’s an influencer’s world. Find the ones that are relevant to you and use them to broaden your reach. We can help you scrub up on your influenceology.  

10. Measure results 

Regular measurements of the effectiveness of your campaigns is vital. Always be testing, learning and optimising from the results you find. 


Need help with any of that? We can help keep your health brand healthy in-market, or help you build a brilliant one from scratch. Let’s chat