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60% of the world’s population sees things in images. The other 40% sees it in words. Thankfully, we’ve got both covered.


Our ethos.

Talk the walk. Walk the talk.


About us.

Willow & Blake is a full-service agency bridging strategy, visual identity and voice to create brands with impact and influence.

Together, our team of strategists, designers and wordsmiths bring creativity, culture and commercial sensibility together to build bold brands and head-turning, thumb-stopping, scroll-halting campaigns.

We’ve helped start-ups scale, big businesses pivot, and ideas grow, from the (coffee) grounds, up. We’ll work with you to shake up industries, shape the future and have a damn good time doing it.


Our services.

  1. Brand Strategy

    1. We develop clear, actionable strategies that lay the foundation for your visual identity and tone of voice, and inform your unique place in the world. We’ll help you excite, not just exist.
  2. Brand Identity

    1. Our team of designers make the time to imagine and craft a visual identity that connects with people and changes the way they think, feel and act. We do more than a logo, but that’s important too.
  3. Brand Voice

    1. Our copywriters create very useful voice guidelines that determine how your brand thinks, talks and engages with audiences. We turn 26 letters into infinite possibilities. We set the tone. Literally.
  4. Campaigns & Advertising

    1. We’ll come up with the overarching campaign concept, right through to the script writing, art direction, creative direction and video production. We turn insights and ideas into conversion.
  5. Amplify

    1. A full-service marketing offering from our team; from strategic planning and brand management to the execution of PR (for the new age), social, campaign, in-store touch points and the list goes on. This customisable service is tailored 
to your business goals, designed by our CMO and founders to give businesses the ultimate flexible, scalable and results-driven offering that focuses on brand amplification.
  6. Copywriting

    1. Words are just words, write? Wrong. From social captions, to sky-writing, from billboards to balloons, from TVCs to TikToks, what you say and how you say it count for a lot. We’ll craft SEO-optimised sentences to make people smile and help your brand sell out (of stock).
  7. Naming

    1. Random shower thoughts and copious amounts of wine certainly help, but we’ve got other tried and tested frameworks in place that help us land on a name. Choosing a name is one of the most important things you can do, and frankly, we take this part very, very seriously. It could make or break your Future, Future.
  8. Social Media

    1. Social is often the first touch point for many consumers, a place to tell them 
who you are, provide social proof and engaging, conversion-focused content. 
For both digitally native, omni and retail-first brands, our team specialise in strategy, content creation, influencer marketing and campaign creation across 
a multitude of social platforms.
  9. Employee Engagement

    1. Your team are everything. High levels of employee engagement lead to better outcomes for businesses and often that starts with the simple things: employee handbooks, clear brand values and goals. We create beautiful and digestible systems that allow the employee to thrive and ultimately have them act as an extension of your marketing team, even if they work in finance.
  10. Environments

    1. In collaboration with leading architects and interior designers, we co-create venues that leave a lasting impression. From retail to hospitality and tourism, 
our focus is on the often overlooked touch points that cultivate a sense of community and belonging within the environment.
  11. Creative and Marketing Retainers

    1. No internal team? Small internal team? Extra projects? We work on retainer with many clients, supporting or supplementing their in-house team across the full spectrum of marketing and creative roles. We create custom retainer packages 
to suit your needs, from virtual CMOs who develop full strategic plans all the way through to email marketing and ongoing content creation.

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