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Have you ever met a Susan that should’ve been named Lily?

Your name should reflect your tone, your personality, and your brand story.

We ask ourselves:

  • Are you direct and cheeky? Nice to meet you, frank.

  • Does your team consist of finance brokers who remember every customer with the veracity of an elephant? Done.

  • Is your product good, is it clean, and is it wine? Almost names itself. Almost. Our writers helped.

As a brand naming agency, we’re always thinking of that perfect brand name. In the shower, on the bus, in that nanosecond before our eyes close to go to sleep, over a crisp, chilled glass of that good, clean wine. Or four.

Sure, a picture can tell a thousand words, but a name can tell more.

As one of the first points of contact a customer will experience with your brand - and with brand saturation thrown into the mix - your name is one of the few pieces of information a customer will walk away with. So how they feel when they walk is paramount. Secure? Excited? Dangerous? Generous? Our brand naming agency brains will find one that’s the perfect fit.

Because while a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, surprising your mother with a bouquet of gorillas doesn’t have quite the same ring. 

You make your brand smell sweet. We’ll help it sound sweet. Or edgy. Or smart. Here’s how.

Option 1: Coined Language.

What it is: Invent or create a new word or expression that’s totally unique. Or take an existing word or phrase and add a twist, by using in a different way for the first time.

How we do it: A dictionary. Many brains. A whiteboard and a lot of coloured pens. Wine, sometimes. Snacks, always.

Pros: Ownable, 

Cons: Harder than you think to strike lucky with a word that sounds nice and feels right. We’re up for the challenge.

Example: One of ours? Frame. A gym. Less about prints, and more about posture. Two more small companies who’ve done quite well for themselves: Google (new word), and Apple (word in new context). 

Option 2: Personalisation or First Person Identity.

What it is: We know your brand can often feel like your baby. So we treat it like a human.

How we do it: Conjure up the personification of your brand. Play with names, (imaginary) costumes, traits and coffee orders. More moodboards, whiteboards and soundboards, to try and test. A test-tube brand baby, if you will.

Pros: Easy to remember. Distinct personality. A lot of room to have fun.

Cons: Can be overdone. Also cheesy, unless done right.

Example: Have you met Frank?

Option 3: The Other Ways.

What it is: A few other approaches to describe or evoke what you do; either creatively or more literally. Sometimes a bit of both.

How we do it:  Playing with descriptions and other common terminology to find the magic combination. Spitballing. Libraries. Crisp paper and freshly sharpened pencils. Mind maps, word theories and perspectives that would put amateur true-crime enthusiasts to shame.

Pros: Stand out. Use your name as a billboard. Educate. 

Cons: Can be harder to trademark, depending on the industry.

Example. Make finance personal via Elephant Advisory, or tell it like it is: Good Clean Wine.

Let's play the game of the name together.

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