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You’re the brains of your business. You’ve got other stuff to focus on.

Ones that generate leads. Sales. New customers. (Those are some of our favourite words. Oh, and ‘serendipity’. And ‘holiday’. And ‘free cocktails’. And when free cocktails serendipitously end up in our hand on holiday? Heaven.)

As a branding and copywriting agency that has now evolved into a full-service agency, we know how important good content writing and SEO copywriting is to a successful marketing strategy. It’s like serving apple pie without the ice cream; pointless.

Take frank. You might of heard of him. He’s our coffee-smelling, babe-loving, scrub-giving case study we created to showcase what we could do when given full creative control (it went quite well). 

Be a hot-pink power suit at a black and white themed party.

We’re consuming more content than ever. So it’s more important than ever to make the kind that stands out. And not because you accidentally described your pubic policy instead of your public one. 

We don’t just write good content. We create content that delivers returns. That maintains that well-crafted tone of voice - maybe the one we even created for you - across every single touchpoint of your brand.

It’s not all about sales. Well it is, but we don’t need to shove it in your customers’ faces every second. Instead we slip it in cleverly with content writing they actually want to read. That has your key messages sprinkled amongst information that entertains and informs. Like a stealthy parent secretly delivering veggies to a toddler who is very, let’s say, particular about what goes into their non-spill bowl. 

Communicate first. Sell second. Sell more. Sell out.


<Catchy but not clickbait-y EDM subject line>

Having tonnes of followers on Facebook and Instagram is great. Having tonnes of followers on your email database is even better. Giving those people the best damn content they read that day delivered straight to their inbox? The best. 

It’s a platform that’s yours. And we can help you own it.

  • First, we take a strategic approach.

We’ll work with our experts to create a carefully mapped and tailored EDM journey for your customers, to deliver opens, clicks and conversions to sales. Plus, an excited “f***!” from you when you see the numbers roll in. It’s only natural.

  •  Then we get creative.

Crafting automated response emails that feel anything but. Campaign emails with enticing subject lines they can’t resist opening. Not junk. Just good value. That make every touchpoint of the experience with your brand one that feels unique and exciting.

  •  Refine and perfect.

And because things in the digital space can change faster than Australia’s Prime Minister, using our knowledge of digital trends and report insights, we’ll regularly check in and revise our strategies to ensure they’re working to meet your objectives.


Put it on your blog.

With Australians spending on average seven hours a day in front of a screen, make them spend some of that time with you. Out of choice.

Effective content writing helps build brand awareness. It enforces brand identity. It improves your SEO rankings which helps boost your position on Google meaning more people more likely to discover you. It means more customers. More orders. World domination. 

If it’s content writing that made them smile, giggle, snort or raise their eyebrows in surprise, it might be shared. A tag, a cheeky text or a forwarded email. Meaning even more people seeing your product and brand name. 

While attracting new customers is key, we know retaining the ones you’ve already got is queen. Consistently great content helps customer retention. It will make people fall in love with your brand, faster than that local barista who does a fancy love heart on top of their coffee every day. Or remind them why they choose you over your competitors. 

We’ll use your brand pillars as a foundation to create a calendar of content that integrates with your marketing or sales objectives. 

Fresh, must-read content written to educate, inspire and entertain your customers.

Social Media.

The clue’s in the name. It’s designed to be social. Two-way conversations. Three, if you’re so inclined. It’s about having conversations with current and future customers, telling your brand story, and communicating your purpose. About making people think, laugh and learn. Here’s how we do it


  • Brochures.

  • Posters.

  • Billboards.

  • Menus.

  • Mugs.

Let us write the words to be spotted, worn or sipped from.

Something that’s never been done before.

We’re game if you are.

Let's get write to it.

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