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Advertising Campaigns

Let’s do something different, shall we?

We can come up with the overarching campaign concept right through to the script writing, art direction, creative direction and video production. And we’ll even bring the bubbles to celebrate the final result too.

Ping! Time for the elevator pitch.

Step on in.

We’ve created campaigns for both Out Of Home and smack bang in the heart of it for TV, as well as social campaigns for the small(er) screen currently sitting in your pocket. 

We put women breastfeeding on billboards around Australia for Tooshies. Twelve billboards to be exact, with 45 panels and exposure to 800,000 people. Or the time our campaign for TOM asked well-known Aussie women including AFLW star and commentator Daisy Pearce to talk about their periods on TV and online. That was a fun time of the month.

We've done and can do campaigns for:

  • Print

  • Social media

  • TV

  • Out of Home billboards

  • All of the above.

We’ll take your brief, throw it around, stretch it out, add coloUr and make it even bigger and better than you imagined. 

Ready to keep going?

Behind the scenes.

We’ll listen, question, then dive deep to ensure we understand the objectives of the campaign and who your brand is.

Then we’ll get creating; moodboards, shot lists, scripts, slogans, copy, strategy. Plans. Magic.

Cast away.

Time to build the dream team. We’ll search high and low for the right face for the campaign. Or the right hand. Or the left, for that matter. We’ll source and bring together the best talent for the shoot, video or voiceover.

We’ll flick through our contacts to find the best stylist, hair and makeup artist, videographer and cinematographer. Then we’ll get hunting. To source the perfect location. The props. The wardrobe. The lion and the witch too, if required.

All the details that will help make a stand-out, successful and instantly identifiable campaign.

Location, location, location.

From Byron Bay to the bathroom, in Australia or in the US, it’s time to get on set and bring the campaign to life. 

We’ll ensure the creative strategy of the campaign is being met and that all the moving parts are heading in the right direction. To get out of the day exactly what we need; that shot. The shot. Or lots of them.

Bring out the champagne campaign!

Then we get polishing. The editing, resizing, touch ups; the finishing touches to bring it all together. To life. To be set free into the world as the right-kind-of-attention-grabbing TV, billboard, print or social campaign.

Delivered to you to deliver for you.

Ready to do something different together?

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