Branding Course For Small Businesses - Of Course

Of Course; the less obvious guide to brand and marketing

We're not like the other branding courses. Scout's honour.

Of course, there are hundreds of courses out there. But you should take our very well-written word for it and enrol in Of Course, a branding course created by the founders of Willow & Blake, who know a thing or two (or a hundred) about building successful brands.

Having a stand-out brand is the difference between being seen and being remembered. It’s the difference between being glazed over or sought out. It can even be the difference between being in business or being out of it. 

But, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. And when you're in the market to build a brand as unusual as your ambitions, it takes getting outside your comfort zone to get there. 

Don’t leave your brand’s success to chance. Learn what it takes to build a beloved brand by the people behind some of the best (frank body, anyone?).  

Enrol in our branding course today. Literally, right here, right now.

What’s in this branding course that makes it oh-so-special?

Think creating a unique brand is just about logo design? Sorry, we wish it was that simple.

Our brand and marketing course has all the important things to know like:

Module 1: Getting started

We all have to start somewhere.

Module 2: Competitors and audience

The people who don’t know they love you yet, and the brands you always have your eye on.

Module 3: Purpose, proposition and key messages

The what and why stuff.

Module 4: Developing your personality and tone of voice

Avoid the sea of sameness.

Module 5: Naming your brand

Make sure it’s household-worthy.

Module 6: A practical guide to messaging

Never be lost for words.

Module 7: Developing a mood guide and visual identity

Does the outside match the inside?

Module 8: Developing a social media strategy

Leverage socials for growth.

Module 9: The final touches

It's almost time.

Module 10: Getting ready to launch

Set your brand free.

All this branding goodness is packed into a 10-module video and worksheet-based course that takes you from the foundations of brand strategy through to executing your brand assets and everything in between.

If you want to build a brand, start a business, or get a better understanding of the branding process, this is the course for you. Our goal is for you to come away from Of Course with a clearly defined brand strategy that you can implement yourself or with support.

How this branding course works

Of Course is a self-paced brand and marketing course. You get access to all the video modules and worksheets at once and you retain access to them forever. We understand the path to building a brand rarely goes in a straight line, so while we encourage you to follow the format we’ve developed over consecutive weeks if you need to pause and come back later or skip to a future module, that choice is yours. 

Who it’s for

Most likely, you’re an entrepreneur with a game-changing product idea, but you need help building a brand around that product. Or you could be a smart, ambitious marketing manager who wants to learn how to put purpose back into their brand. Or maybe you’re a copywriter who knows how to write creatively but wants to know how to craft the ‘why’ behind the words.

Well, you’re in the right place. Because we can help all of you. Creating a strong brand is a skill and a process, and we’ve taught both.

We recommend having a product or service in mind before starting this course.

Why Willow & Blake? We build brands as if they’re our own.

Our mums tell us that we're the best branding agency. Of Course, we believe them (and so should you). We're backing it up with over a decade of experience and hundreds of brand projects under our collective belts.

We’re not professors, lecturers, or researchers. We are founders, strategists, leaders, marketers, negotiators, and consumers. We believe that strong brand voices get heard and compelling visuals stay with you. This course is your playbook, complete with the learnings from all the brands we've helped create.

Is the less obvious guide to brand and marketing now the obvious choice?

Buckle up. Make yourself comfortable (but not too comfortable); we’re going into brand land. 

Bucked up and signing up, let's go.

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