Packaging Design & Copywriting

Packaging Design & Copywriting

Packaging is the outfit your product wears each morning.

Your packaging design is what your customer is probably seeing before they even get their hands on the good stuff. 

Make that first impression count. Double take. Wolf whistle.

That’s what we do. As a full-service branding and campaign agency, one stylish hat we wear is as a packaging design agency. We’ll ensure your brand is best-dressed every day, with product packaging design and copywriting services that make people stop, look, look again, then actually pick up your product and add it to cart - either virtual or IRL. 

Lesson 1: Every product is a mini billboard. 

On the supermarket shelf, in the shower, or stacked in their pantry.

We’re as strategic as we are creative, like a great opening line on a dating app. Only we won’t ghost you. Promise.

We’ll dive deep into your brand’s story, objectives, target customers and visual identity to really understand who your brand is. Then we’ll design custom packaging that’s a perfect fit. For your product. For your brand. Your Cinderella moment (but keep your feet to yourself).

Lesson 2: Packaging is made up of many different elements. 

  • The colours.

  • The pictures.

  • The font.

  • The tone.

  • The logo.

  • Where it’s placed.

  • Where it's merchandised.

All details that work together to cohesively make up and convey your brand identity.

We make sure when you compare your product to your website, or your social media profile or even the little note that comes in the delivery box, it all makes sense. 

Because your packaging is as much a part of your advertising as an ad on the side of the bus. Just smaller. (Unless your product is a bus. Then maybe not.)

And then there’s the print finishes. The features that take your packaging to the next level in accentuating your visual identity. To make people say ‘ooh’ or run their finger over the shiny surface before they even realise what they’re doing. 

Or maybe it’s the details that demonstrate what you stand for. Like showing, not telling, your commitment to the environment with recycled materials or vegetable inks. 

Lesson 3: What you say is just as important as how you say it.

And then we have the words. The things that tell customers what they need to know to use and enjoy your product. That tells us whether we’re putting that rocket into space or a salad. Gloss on our lips or the living room wall. 

Questions to ask:

  • Who is the product for?

  • What specialist knowledge do they need to be aware of to get the most out of it?

  • When should it be used?

  • Where?

  • Where not?

You could make this information straightforward. Expected. Boring. 

Or you could view it as we do; a chance to delight the customer at every point. To make them smile, or laugh, or snort, or learn something new. To give them an experience worth remembering. Revisiting. Something they look forward to using. And can’t wait to tell a friend about it.

From the product name and the instructions for use, to the ingredients and the tiny-bit-at-the-bottom-that-we-should-read-but-don’t-always, our words will make your product sing. Or shout. Or in perfect shiver-inducing ASMR whisper.  

Forget the devil. The delight is in the details.

Lesson 4: But how you say it is your chance to stand out.

Is your brand fun, like a five year old fuelled by too much fairy floss on a jumping castle? Luxurious and decadent like a long wine-filled lunch on a Monday? Perhaps polished and well-groomed like your mother-in-law? Or maybe a little bit cheeky, like a pair of denim hotpants (also your mother-in-law? No rigid stereotypes here).

Whatever your style, we’ve got the design and words to match it. We’ll take your tone of voice - or better still, develop it for you - and roll it out across your product packaging. The front. The back. The bit in between. And all the other places you didn’t realise you had to showcase why your product is the best on the market. 

Lesson 5: Packaging design has to look good, but work even better. 

Because it’s not just about form. Your packaging has to function well too. Exceptionally well. Last the journey from your house to theirs, and offer excitement or relief when it arrives. 

Think a box that’s secure but doesn’t take a mechanic’s toolkit to actually open. A lid that snaps shut to minimise product leakage but won’t chip your fresh manicure when you do want to use it. Or maybe a bottle that’s so perfectly designed it’s as if it was brought into the world just for your product. Because it was. By us.

Give us creative freedom to think outside the box. It’s where the good stuff happens.

Lesson 6: We’re the whole package.  

When a future customer is making the choice between yours and someone else’s, our design and copy will reel them in. Then your product will do the rest.

Let's wrap it up together.

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