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If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. 

Seriously. In fact, you’ll find many signs on this page about signage. Funny that.

When you do what we do, you quickly learn that a sign is much more than a sign. Sure, it gives direction and instructions to people. Helps with accessibility for your customer. And that’s rather crucial.

But it’s also an important part of your visual identity and overall marketing strategy. So don’t make it an afterthought. Or an oversight.

Instead use it as a tool to motivate people in your workout class to harder, faster, STRONGer. Or a simple invitation to let the food do the talking. Or even something good-looking to help them remember the name; frame, that is.

Make what’s on the outside count.

As a bricks and mortar business, your exterior signs are visible to people 24/7. A permanent billboard for your brand. One that’s always yours and always on. Whether it’s your logo or your name, how it looks plays a big part in reinforcing your brand. 

But it’s not as simple as chucking it above the front door. There’s an art to signage and wayfinding. An art we can help with.

  • The design.

  • The placement.

  • The finish.

Because more is not always more. While it can be tempting to plaster it on every surface (brand awareness!), think about who your brand is. You’re (probably) not Times Square. 

Don’t bombard your potential customers before they’ve even had a chance to enter. Play it to your advantage. Or else you may as well erect a sign that says ‘Stay Away!’ - which we could design for you too, actually.

Isn’t it what’s on the inside that really counts?

Yes. That too. 

From an accessibility point of view, interior signs are crucial in ensuring the best IRL user experience. Clear signage helps your customers locate the bathroom, the changing rooms, certain products or the champagne vending machine. Or maybe even the water and protein balls they need after their sweaty workout underneath the coconut trees of Bali.

But we help our clients go beyond function. We help them have fun too.

Like when we raised the bar(s) by luring customers into our very own pink jail.

Use signage and wayfinding as an extra touch to encourage your customers to take action, encapsulate a sentiment, or even just to encourage a laugh.

Unexpected copy on the mirror, in the studio, or near reception to make a feature wall. We’ll come up with something witty and worthy enough to put up in lights. Literally. Or stick on a surface. Something attention-grabbing enough to make people point to the person next to them and laugh. Or even better, whip out their phone and take a picture to post on social media to be seen by many more. A sign they should come visit you too.

Good signage is:

  • Functional.

  • Promotional.

  • Cost-effective too, when done right.

Ready to follow the signs?

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