Before you can have your dream brand, you need to build the right foundation that ensures it won’t just exist; it will excite.

Luckily we’re a brand agency of accredited word builders here to help your brand begin with a bang, then level up and scale strong with a brand strategy and marketing strategy that has more oomph than a wine-fuelled plot of revenge on an ex. Harnessed for good, obviously.

Like the work we’ve done for world-class brands that smooth your booty with coffee, support all women from size a-z on the land and in the water, and make healthy burgers with more. And the work we will do for you too.

A clear brand strategy is what sets your brand up for the kind of success that will have you on your own private yacht soon enough.

If the yacht is rubber and in your tub, it still counts.

We’ll help you establish a clear direction in not only what you’re saying, but who you’re saying it to. Because what good is a good brand voice if it’s talking with the wrong crowd? You wouldn’t try and sell bikinis to an Eskimo. And if you are; niche, please call us immediately. 

A brand strategy is not: just a name, a logo and some flashy business cards (although we can do all of those for you).

A great brand strategy is: all those and more. Identifying what you do day-to-day to better the lives of your customers. Setting a nice, big lofty goal to strive for. And being able to concisely explain why you stand out from the rest. 

First, we ask the kind of probing questions you’ll actually welcome.

Not like that weird stranger at your last dinner party. Questions like:

  • What’s good and bad about your brand?

  • Where is that white space in your market that’s your opportunity for difference?

  • What is the one thing your customers will define your brand by?

  • What do they really care about?

  • What is it that you really care about?

We focus less on who your customers are in the traditional sense and more on why they might come to you. They might purchase skincare because they care about their skin. But perhaps they’re buying your skincare because they care about the quality of the ingredients they put on their skin. Or the fact you use recyclable packaging. Or that really personalised customer service you offer. We turn these observations into opportunities; little nuggets made of gold. Or chicken. Those are good too.

When we know where we want to go, we can work out the best way to get there.

Maybe on that yacht we mentioned?

After this thorough poking and dissecting, we begin to look for the white space – that glimmering spot of sand on a crowded 40-degree day on the beach unclaimed by a towel – to implement how your brand can cut through the market noise and speak to directly and efficiently the particular values of your audience groups. Imagine a fitness experience centred around the customers, not the trainers? That’s different. That’s better. 

Next, we flesh it out. Identify and name your brand values; the pillars that underpin everything you do and flag what you stand for. The corporate version of a slogan t-shirt, pin badges or rebellious hair dye job. They don’t all have to be ‘worthy’ but they should all be worth something to who you are as a brand. 

Then we find your personality. Of your brand, that is. (Yes, this will influence your tone of voice but it’s something quite different). It’s the physical embodiment of your values.

Think of it like this:

  • If your brand was to meet someone at a party, what’s the impression you leave on them?

  • How do they think of you when they piece together the party the following morning?

  • Did you make them feel soothed, happy, inspired, excited or dazzled?

  • Did you wow them with stimulating conversation, illegal moves on the dance floor, or attention to detail by never letting them have an empty glass of bubbles? (If the latter, thank you for your service.)

You can’t afford to not have a brand strategy.

A defined brand and marketing strategy helps make you more recognisable to your customers. It ensures you have a clear purpose for why and how you speak to them. The more consistent in your communication you are thanks to a solid brand strategy, the more likely you are to attract and maintain loyal customers. The ones who sing your praises, take what you’re selling, and never, ever leave you. Not unlike a cult, actually.

And then there’s the people equally, if not more, important than your customers.

Or at least who are crucial in getting them in the first place; your employees. A clear brand strategy that the whole team is across means everyone is on the same page, working towards the same objectives. Better chance of success. Better water cooler chat too.

The takeaway: to find the right words and to build a strong brand, we first need to dive deeper and create what comes first.

So, what’ll it be? Sink, swim, or strategise?

Let's build from the brand up together.

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