Female pleasure gets a rebrand.

22.12.21 | By Ellie Laffner | branding

From taboo to talked-about: Sex toys, rebranded.

Good vibes only.

Sex toy sales soared during the pandemic, generating over $38 billion* worth of sales in 2020 alone. If you had too much time on your hands during lockdown, you may have been one of many who filled them with a new vibrator. Turns out the days buzz by much faster.

But now, what’s (almost) more satisfying is the shift in dialogue that has come with the increase in sales. What used to be a taboo topic, particularly for those who identify as she/her, has now exploded into the zeitgeist as an essential discussion point. Because sure, sex sells. But now, so does a woman getting off. Not for the male gaze, but for themselves. And not as a treat, but as an essential part of their self-care.

Tone Of Voice

Up until recently, there was nothing sexy about the copy that came alongside sex toys (no pun intended). It was purely instructional. Discreet. To the point. 

It seemed that even though someone could have bought a Twister-dominatrix–3000 (name for dramatic effect), it seemed ‘too much’ to speak in a tone that was playful, sexy or cheeky. Now? Sex toy brands are dirty talking, proudly. The tone has changed from sterile to straight up blush-worthy, making consumers giggle, not gag.

Take Woo More Play, a sexual wellness brand (and a previous client of ours). 

The name of their newest vibrator? Vibes.

The first words on their home page? Are you ready for the best sex of your life?

Their vibrator bundle name? The bed-breaker.

Or take VUSH, another sexual wellness brand transforming self love and pleasure. Their tone is bright and cheeky, like an older sister you could ask those questions to. Or a 00’s sealed-section that you ripped open straight away. Case in point, VUSH is all about ‘giving your sexual wellness story the happy ending it deserves’, without sealing it away like it’s something shameful.


We’re not (yet) so evolved that we can have a dildo on our doorsteps without flinching. However underneath the mailer, packaging for self-pleasure brands have upped the ante. Think bright colours and fun icons. 

Packaging has started emulating skincare and beauty brands. Which is no surprise considering the market of sex toys has now shifted into the ‘wellness’ category.  Take online beauty retailer Adore Beauty - their sex range can be found under their wellness category.  Because it’s much easier to sell a product under the guise of beauty and self-care (hello glowing skin, better sleep, more you-time) than just saying ‘you’re horny, here’s a product that’ll help’. 

If making orgasms a more palatable concept is what needs to be done, we’ll take it. Because it’s clear this pivot in direction, tone and category is working.


‘Want longer lasting sex?’ 

Sound familiar? It was the billboard loved or snickered at by Australians. Now? Vibrator brands are biting the bullet and creating billboards that delight and empower women everywhere. A welcomed change of pace. We make up 50% of the population after all. Without us getting off, none of you are getting born. 

Take PinkCherry’s sex toy billboard:

Scream Your Own Name. The perfect message to encapsulate what all women need to hear: Get yours.

Or adding humour with an billboard that reads: Relax, it’s just a back massager. 

Or the brand It’s Normal taking to the streets of Sydney with their important message: 

Bondi, improve your lockdown. Use ‘CUMONBONDI’ for 50% off all toys. 

But it’s not just billboards. Influencers are jumping on board too with beauty, lifestyle and health influencers all promoting the same thing: self-love through self-pleasure.

It’s a welcome change. A fun one, too. And it’s only left us buzzing for more. So sit back, put your hands behind your head and enjoy the ride, because self-pleasure is here to stay.

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*according to a report published by Allied Market Research

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