Good Clean Wine Case Study

A wine that pairs well with a healthy lifestyle.

Good Clean Wine came to us requiring an entire brand and a strategic platform to stand on. One that felt as good and clean as the minimal intervention wine they hand-source from the vineyards of Europe. Also one that feels as warm and fun as sitting around a table laden with cheese and your closest kin. So, we drank wine without chemicals, and landed on the big idea: “Pairs well with a healthy lifestyle.”

Finally, a wine brand about balance, that speaks with the type of honesty you can expect after a few glasses. Our tone of voice and brand platform brings the effervescence of a sparkling natty and the depth as the cheese we paired with it. Delicious.

Willow & Blake has impeccable style. Everything they present to us is perfection. "
Courtney Dunlop, co-founder

Made lovingly with our friends:

Christine Bonnivier (Photography)

The Times (Photography & Videography)

The App Chefs (Web Development)

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