The best holiday ads from, you guessed it, The Holidays.

T’is the season, or t’was the season.

Where you’re meant to give your undivided attention to your family and friends, yet still manage to sneak in a nauseating amount of screen time. While scrolling, you may have come across a few ads. We did too. 

So without further ado, and in no particular order, welcome to Willow & Blake’s review of some of our fave holiday ads. 

Because there’s nothing like harshly judging an ad from the comfort of your own couch. 

Best Holiday Ads

Note: like all creative analysis, this review is 100% factual. 100% objective. 100% the correct opinion.
But, if you’re up for a debate, you know where to find us.


1. No Naughty List | Tesco

It brought upon us an entire new book of ethical code.

Clever and observant, Tesco took the pressure off with their No Naughy List inspired campaign. Saying no to the naughty list gets an absolute yes from us. 

With our philosophy revised, morality questioned and ethics undecided, Tesco cleverly jumped on the opportunity to relieve us of all the questionable choices we made in 2020. Because when you think about it, no one knew what they were doing; regardless of how your banana bread turned out.

The concept allows for many applications, chuckles and quite a few ‘phews.’ This ad was the wink we all needed at the end of a clusterpuck of a year. 


2. Holiday Here This Year | Tourism Australia

Aussie led, you bloody beauty. This holiday season was one of the only holiday seasons where you didn’t find yourself lost in a social media vortex of your sisters-friends-third-cousins lavish trip to Bali. 

Instead. What a pleasure it was to see Australians pushing to enjoy Australia.  

Using beloved Aussie comedian Hamish Blake and entrepreneur Zoe Foster Blake, this wholesome ad had us truly thinking, ‘hey, maybe stars are just like us.’ 

Simple, playful, Australian.


3. Bigger than Christmas | MYER

We’ll never say no to a musical number. 

With only a slight, barely noticeable cringe at ‘hip hip, ho ho’ – this ad was light, observant, sympathetic and slightly chaotic. We’re not complaining. 


4. Synchronised Santas | ALDI Australia

We give this ad 4 WTF’s out of 5. Yes, that’s a new metric system we’ve just made up. No, we’re not taking questions at this time. 

Synchronised Santa. We would have all loved to be in that initial creative meeting.  

Creative one: Okay, we need a Santa.

Creative two: Right. What about Santa, but wait for it, swimming?

Creative three: Like it, like it. Now hear me out, what about we add another seven Santas, synchronise them, and call it a day.

Love it. Approved.

This ad speaks swimmingly to their overarching message of Good Different. The only reason it was short of a full 5/5 WTF rating, is because of the catastrophically weird year we’ve had. Meaning, not much shocks us.


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