Beauty bites: 3 trends on the rise.

Beauty has become a fast-moving beast.

With new ingredients and trends constantly promising to disrupt the old disruptors, as a brand it’s hard to know what’s worth paying attention to and what’s a waste of time.

Lucky, we’ve got (dewy) skin in the game. Working across a host of beauty brands as well as birthing one ourselves (Hey, Frank Body) means we’re across what’s hot, what’s new and what’s just BS. 

Whether you’re a beauty brand, beauty adjacent or just a beauty lover, today’s Beauty Bites rounds up 3 trends worth sinking your teeth into.

Beauty Bites

1. All About The Scalp

After a comparative stagnation with the innovation and growth of skincare, hair care is finally catching up to the demand of savvy consumers. And the category is taking inspiration from its skincare cousins, too. Dubbed the ‘skinification’ of hair – approaching hair care in the same way as a skincare regimen with considered ingredients and multi-step routine – there’s one key part gaining focus: the scalp. And it makes sense given, you know, it’s skin too.

According to Business of Fashion, Cult Beauty reports a sales growth of 330 percent across scalp scrubs and treatments over the last year, while Frank Body has literally just dropped an Exfoliating Scalp Serum to join its existing scalp care products. As the lines between hair care, skincare and self care become increasingly blurred, the scalp is a product SKU set to race ahead. 

What it means for you: If product development isn’t on the cards, think about complementary scalp products, tools or rituals you can educate and encourage. 


2. Sex Is Good For The Skin

Or orgasms at least. With masturbation and sexual pleasure moving from taboo into the wellness and self care fold, we’ll soon start hearing more about the skin benefits of sexual wellness.

With advantages including reducing inflammation and stress and boosting blood circulation and thus collagen, trend forecasters Stylus predict masturbation and accompanying tools may soon be touted as the newest step to include in a healthy beauty routine.

What it means for you: A great in for any beauty brand to jump on the sexual wellness boom. Sex positive language in general as well as including masturbation in any conversations around health, beauty and wellness are the way forward. Forget serums, looks like sexual satisfaction might be the real secret to glowing skin.


3. Sustainability (And Meaning It)

With ‘clean’ an established category in its own right, the focus on sustainability – of product, packaging and beyond – is far from waning. With formulas being cleaned up, concerned consumers are no longer tolerating environmentally-damaging packaging and single-use plastic. Brands big and small are making significant changes towards switching to eco-friendly and recyclable packaging options in a bid to reduce their footprint as consumers do the same. Any that don’t will be left in the mud.

What it means for you: If an instant switch isn’t possible, make sure you’re communicating targets and changes you’re working towards. Consumers will appreciate your honesty and transparency – a better relationship builder than ignoring or greenwashing.


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