3 beauty trends you need to know about.

You were there when coconut oil had its 15-minutes of fame.
You watched as Hyaluronic acid burst onto the scenes.
And you gazed as beauty gurus bounced beauty-blenders onto their cheeks.

And yet. Everytime you think the dust settles, a new trend sweeps in.
So in case you’ve missed it, this is what’s buzzing in beauty as of late.

Let's glow

LED Face Masks.

Iron man, meet your match. 

If you’ve seen those robotic face-shield floating around your social feeds, you might be wondering what episode of Black Mirror you slipped into. Or if Covid-19 mutated once more.

Enter: At-Home LED Light Therapy.

This form of skin-tech is said to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as increase the rate of cellular renewal. Translation: it glows, so you can too. 

It’s the latest example of clinical therapy making itself at home; giving customers autonomy over their skin. Also knocking on your door: laser hair removal devices and at-home microdermabrasion.

Many brands are boasting the benefits of high-end results paired with at-home comfort. AKA No commute, no problems. 

Now customers seem to be less intimidated by outer-wordly products and drawn to their scientific, modern branding identity.

If only the Clarisonic could see how far we’ve come. 


Faux Freckles

One minute we’re told to cover up, the next to accentuate. Oh, the merry-go-round of beauty standards. 

Case and point: faux freckles. 

Brands are pushing products that create a sun-kissed look – without the inevitable sun-damage. See brands: Frek beauty and Pseudo Labs.

Fresh, delicate, and of course mesmerising, they’re a reminder of how fickle beauty trends really are, and why we should love ourselves beyond what the trends tell us. Obviously we’ll still be trying it.


Ferulic acid

Put your lab coats on, and welcome to the bunsen burner: Ferulic Acid.

DISCLAIMER: We are not scientists. Please don’t put your skincare on a bunsen burner. 

Coming from humble beginnings, this big-gun ingredient is making waves in the beauty world. Ferulic Acid is an antioxidant power-house known for fighting off free-radicals and helping to reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as inflammation in the skin. It’s being pushed as the ‘new and improved Vitamin C’ with many jumping onto this ingredient as the latest in anti-aging science. 

Brands catching on: SkinCeuticals and more recently, Software.

So if you see this ingredient being bottled, know you’re onto the good stuff. And that you’re one step closer to knowing the entire periodic table.




What beauty trends have been getting under (or on top of) your skin lately?

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