A guide to content and messaging during COVID-19

Content and messaging are more important than ever

Be prepared to pivot and create truckloads of content as social media & content consumption changes faster than you can Tik Tok.

That hit hard and fast, didn’t it?

Not only are we worrying about our health and the health of those we love, but for many of us operating businesses, we’re worrying if it will survive the likely economic recession that awaits.

If you’re a brick & mortar business, you’re probably brainstorming how to pivot online.

If you exist solely online, you’re wondering if the marketplace is about to get more crowded.

If you’re like us, straddling the line between both worlds, you’re wondering which levers to pull. We’re aiming to strike the balance between preparedness and nimbleness, because none of us know exactly how this will play out.

We’re getting ready for a big change in the way people consume content. Consistent and empathic messaging are more important than ever. The show must go on as they say, but how do you continue to grow the bottom line without being insensitive?

The task at hand seems insurmountable: you have to protect the livelihood of your business by encouraging consumers to support you in a world where they are unsure of their own future. It’s a tough nut to crack. We’re focusing on the tone and the message in our content.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Don’t bury your head in the sand.
    COVID-19 is happening whether you like it or not. Pretend it’s not and your content will be seen as jarring. If you’re an international brand, be sensitive to the varying degrees of emergency people are facing in different regions.
  2. Don’t pivot too hard.
    You have brand values for a reason. Don’t do a 180 or your team and customers will be confused. Reflect on what you stand for and let that guide the messages you craft now. Are you a brand that has humour at its core? Perhaps lighten up on the jokes but focus on bringing something positive to your consumers day. Maybe you’re a brand that values access to information? Make sure you’re only sharing from qualified, reputable sources.
  3. Understand changing consumer behaviour.
    As many of us switch to remote working situations our habits are changing. Gone is the daily commute to the office and ushered in is a new wave of media consumption fuelled by boredom, procrastination and isolation. If you’ve ever wanted to create a blog, podcast or launch a new social channel and content series, now is the time. And if you need help doing it, our remote team are clever and quick. You can turn us on and off as needed.
  4. Leverage UGC
    A lot of the world is facing imminent and enforced self isolation, meaning they’ll be confined to the 4 walls of their apartment or house. How can you engage people in a meaningful and authentic way during this time? Most of us will be going out of our minds by this time next week and looking for fun, entertaining ways to maintain a sense of community. Need ideas? We’re available for on the spot brainstorms and longer term projects.
  5. Get buy in from your team.
    Everyone is confused and concerned. If it’s consumer insight you’re after, listen to feedback and ask people around you to contribute content ideas and¬†information about how they are spending their time while¬†working from home or living in a world grappling with COVID.

We specialise in tone of voice, content creation and social media strategy. We want to help brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes navigate this difficult time, enabling them to build strong communities and come out the other side of this pandemic. With that in mind we’re tailoring our packages accordingly.

For our US readers, think of us like a magical copywriting oven: brief us before you log off and wake up to freshly baked words.

If you’re seeking help with tone of voice, copywriting and remote content production, please get in touch. We’ve mastered the art of the video conference during our 10 years of building international brands from our home in Australia.

Don’t need us? We hope this guide was helpful for you and your team, even it’s a reminder of the basics. Stay safe and share good news with those around you.