Arche - Pact Group
What they needed
New energy supplements brand Arche Supps had the winning product: flavoured chewables to amp yourself up, maintain your focus or calm you down. But they lacked brand voice, tone or visual communications to match. Targeting male gamers, they needed to enter the market with a bang, and in a way that would grab attention, hype and – most importantly – sales, on a budget, and during the world’s largest lockdown.
What we did

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Campaign Strategy
Creative Ideation
Tone of Voice
Art Direction & Copy

How we went
With strict Stage 4 lockdown conditions in Melbourne, a production was off the table... or was it? Using an iPhone we shot background plates during the 1-hour allotted exercise time, to then crudely add in digital characters to create a comedic effect. Purposely designed for TikTok, the three videos accumulated over nine million views in the first month. The campaign is now being rolled out globally.
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