Bras N Things x Celeste Barber Campaign
What they needed
After our update and refresh on their tone of voice, Bras N Things needed copy to announce their latest collaboration with the one, the only, Celeste Barber. 

It had to bring the energy and the ~drama~, while still being in line with the new Bras N Things tone of voice we developed. 

And so, we hooked in. We tightened the straps. And we seamlessly worked our way through their launch EDM, homepage and social copy, ensuring it was pushed-up and ready for action and announcing. 

What we did: 

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Content Writing

How we went:
17,000 new followers later, and let’s just say it was the tits.  By finding the perfect marriage between Bras N Things' newly defined brand tone of voice and Celeste’s unmistakable charm, we helped launch their campaign with a bang. The launch shook things up, grabbing major eyes, traction and celebration on social media for being an inclusive range made for a woman's many sides, and many curves.  Launch EDM, homepage and social copy by us.  Lingerie designs that support you shaking things up? That’s all them.
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