EVERYDAY by frank body
What they needed
In 2021, frank body launched “Everyday,” a series of affordable, clean, personal care products that could complement frank’s Masterbrand range.

With 12 months’ of data up their sleeves on the top performing SKUs, the brand identified a market opportunity to evolve the range further, and take it to mass pharmacy and grocery.

The goal? Take frank body to more bodies, everywhere, every day: starting with an Australian launch in Priceline.

What we did

Franchise strategy, range positioning, packaging design, copy, tone of voice, art direction, campaign. In collaboration with frank body.

How we went
We created a fresh, new, stand-out identity for Everyday by frank body that nods to and leverages the equity built in frank body over time, while ensuring the sub range can stand on its own. Across four franchises, four benefits and four colourways, we designed a range with a nuanced tone of voice, and infinite appeal. Bringing the range’s skin-grade quality ingredients and skin-loving benefits to the fore, our packaging system ensures each product is fun, shoppable and meaningful. And that each franchise has a personality of its own, that people can connect with. The result: An elevated range of daily essentials that makes every day, extraordinary.
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