Fern Vitality
What they needed
A brand that was as soothing and settling as their naturally-powered anti-nausea products. What we knew; nausea during pregnancy can be debilitating, stifling and demoralising. What we noticed; many competitor brands spoke to their audience with inappropriate enthusiasm, as if morning sickness were an inconvenient feature, not a debilitating symptom women were suffering from. With many feeling minimised in their experience, our job was simple; create a brand that allowed women to feel comforted through their pregnancy, both physically and emotionally.
What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Packaging Copy
Packaging Design
Website Design
Website Copy

How we went
With the tagline 'joy of the journey', we embraced the excitement that comes with being pregnant, without discrediting the fact pregnancy IS a journey, full of highs and lows. Uplifting yet empathetic, we created a tone of voice that gave hope back to the audience. Complemented by a colour palette inspired by earthy, grounding hues, Fern Vitality became a brand that customers were drawn to; naturally. And a brand that understood the journey to motherhood was just as important as the destination.
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