frank body. Coffee-based skincare that makes babes feel like babes.
What they needed
Everything. Willow & Blake’s founders created frank body as a case study for what they could do when given complete creative freedom. We put our money where our mouths are, by funding the brand we were building and building the brand we were funding. We think it’s a pretty good case study.
Young black woman beaming with joy while applying Frank Body scrub to her face.
What we did

From naming and tone of voice development to packaging rollout and social strategy; see how we took frank body from 0 to $100m.

How we went
The beauty industry is full of jargon, hyperbole and copycats. We decided to buck the trend, being honest, upfront & original. It was this thought process from which the name and personality of frank body evolved. Using this concept we developed a social media strategy focused primarily on user generated content, an original tone of voice and influencer outreach. Six years later we have over 740K Instagram followers, 5.5 million searches in google and almost 10 million products sold in over 144 countries. The reason frank worked? A great product, good timing and a willingness to develop an original idea, not copy something that was already being done.
Closeup of glossy arms and legs after applying Frank Body coffee scrub.
Closeup of woman squeezing her bum cheeks after applying Frank Body coffee scrub.
Frank Body ethos: Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean. Frank Body ethos: Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean.
Young black model wearing big heart earrings hugging Frank Body Birthday Cake Scrub.
A collection of colourful Frank Body scrubs in a gift box.
Frank Body website designed by creative agency Willow and Blake.
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