Fresh Face & Eye
What they needed

A total rebrand that reflected Dr Baljeet Purewal’s fresh take on anti-aging. A board certified oculoplastics and reconstructive surgeon, Baljeet and her team wanted to create a brand that felt warm, welcoming and beautiful, in contrast to the often intimidating and sterile environments of plastic surgery. They wanted guidance on a look and feel that would help elevate and demystify the in-chair experience, creating a physical and online space to learn, ask questions and discover transformative yet natural-looking results for a smile and confidence that reaches your eyes.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Creative Concept
Visual Identity Design
Web Design
Web Copy

How we went
We identified a new formula for beauty: one of knowledge which is power, which is true beauty. Starting with a sophisticated yet fun-loving TOV, we rolled out website and SEO copy that not just advertised, but explained procedures in a way that was easy to understand. Taking inspiration from the evolving world of magazines and youth media, we refreshed and lifted the visual identity with a fresh, bold and fun colour palette of soft blush, salmon, lilac, lavender and champagne and created an unmissable logo. Warm and beautiful photography of beautiful faces of all colours and ages brought relatability and human touch to the world of plastic surgery. Finally, we ensured consistency in the FFE brand with packaging design and copy, creating packaging for complementary at-home products that not just catch your eye, but show them serious TLC too. 
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