What they needed
A social-focussed campaign that announced and celebrated their latest innovation: the world’s first biodegradable period briefs. Two years in the making, Modibodi wanted copy, stills and video content to use across social that communicated exactly how revolutionary the product was; designed to last up to 100 washes, then composted ready to biodegrade rather than piling up in landfill.


What we did

Campaign Strategy
Creative Ideation
Campaign Copy
Social Strategy
Shoot Coordination
EDM Copy
Blog Copy

How we went
While they may be leaders in normalising periods, Modibodi’s latest launch was anything but. So we called it what it is: not magic, but science. Blood, soil and tears of the good kind. In addition to providing ongoing copy support, we partnered with Crybaby to produce a shoot that showed the innovative undies in action, breaking down for the benefit of you and the environment. Engaging and exciting, it clearly communicated the reusable, washable, sustainable, compostable and (importantly!) comfortable benefits of their new way to period.
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