Mr Miyagi
What they needed
You’d know that Salmon Nori Taco anywhere. But somewhere between Mr Miyagi teaching life lessons through karate and becoming a cult Melbourne eatery, he was our client. With the name chosen, the brand needed a persona to match the name, along with a tone of voice and social media plan to launch the brand. Now it’s iconic, but let’s take a step back and see where it all began. 
What we did

Brand Personality
Tone Of Voice
In-store Copy
Brand Collateral Copy
Social Rollout

How we went
We picked up our pens to put down our ‘rice dropping devices’. Our goal was to create those little a-ha moments in the restaurant, branding everything from the cutlery to to the signage; creating a consistent brand centered around the concept of #MrMSays. We wrote with our stomachs to champion their modern Japanese menu. Serving up a side of food-meets-life lessons with #MrMSays on key brand touchpoints including a full social media strategy, content creation and management. Sharp, kind and utterly delicious, we added distinct character to a place inspired by a distinct character, helping Mr Miyagi go from 0 to over 60,000 followers on social media today.
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