What they needed
A brand as refreshing as a good night of sleep; innovative and personalised like their pillow and sleep tools that took crowdfunding site Indiegogo by storm. We built a brand and a tone of voice that talked about sleep as an integral part of everyday health and put comfort first, rather than going overly science-y and sending everyone to snoozeland with unnecessary tech-filled jargon. And that stood out in the sea of sameness taking over the sleep space (like a doona hog) by conveying that Nuzzle have the sleep solution for each and every individual’s needs.
What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Visual Identity
Custom Illustration
Packaging Design
Website Design
Website Copy
Print Collateral
Art Direction

How we went
With competitors’ ‘made for everyone’ messaging increasingly coming off as ‘one size fits all’, we celebrated the hyper-personalisation of Nuzzle that lets you sleep your way. A fresh, but comforting palette of soft tones stood out from the navy norm, with fun and humorous art direction and styling. A warm and smart tone of voice let us talk about the tech in a comforting and understandable way without downplaying the product benefits. Then we jumped out of bed, rolling the brand voice out across packaging, website, and print collateral, including some custom illustration. Knowing better sleep doesn’t just benefit tonight, we focussed on the tomorrow as well as the night now, showcasing when your pillow adapts to you, rather than the other way round, sleep becomes rest assured.
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