Vela Days
What they needed
Serendipity, bottled. Vela Days, a cosmeceutical-grade hemp-based skincare brand needed a creative platform, tone of voice, visual identity, packaging, website and social presence that flowed as smoothly as their products did. One that worked seamlessly, luxuriously and effortlessly. 
What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Creative Concept
Visual Identity Design
Web Copy
Web Design
Art Direction
Packaging Copy
Packaging Design
eDM Design
Social Media Strategy

How we went
So good, we named a day after them. A Vela Day is where everything comes together in perfect synchronicity, because your skincare has been sorted. From this philosophy, we created a tone of voice that was just as charming, encouraging customers to do more with less – no matter where their day took them. We took the same approach (ethereal, yet grounded) for our visual identity, website and packaging – referencing the marriage of earth and sky – speaking to the natural elements that nurture the hero ingredient: hemp. Numerals inject a location based marque, a nod to their Sydney foundations, while a constellation motif represents the namesake 'Vela' – a constellation seen only in the sky. This is Vela Days. Skincare as it’s meant to be.
Made lovingly with our friends:

Cry Baby Productions
Bone Digital

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