If you want your brand to stand out, don’t be afraid when it does.

Bold. Punchy. Cheeky. Irreverent.

Cue: “We want to stand out, stand out, stand out ” echoing through the virtual mountains.

Brands, we get it. And we love it, truly. Nothing gets our creative team more excited than a client who wants something different. It’s why you’re here. You have vision, you want a brand with bite, and you want your words to elicit a smirk, share, and an ‘add to cart.’ 

You’ve seen the other brands do it and stand out (and the test of time), and you want to be next. 

Your supporters want you to be next, too. 

"stand out"

But here’s the thing: If you want your brand to stand out, don’t be afraid when it does. 

It’s kind of the whole point. 

Because for every brave idea filed away in the, ‘we love it, we’re just worried it’s now too much‘ drawer, it’s consumers that are missing out. They are the ones craving something, anything new. When you pander to the sea of sameness, it’s your brand’s highest potential, your future customers, and your original, unique vision that is lost. 

Remember: the attention economy doesn’t pay in participation medals. It pays off in fresh ideas and new ways of thinking; verbally and visually. 

So what now? 

We come back to your why.

Why do you want to be cheeky

Do you see yourself as a cheeky brand, or do you want a reaction? Because reactions are cheap, and short, if they are not backed up with consistency and confidence.

Why do you want to be disruptive

Do you see yourself as a disruptive brand, or do you want to cause a ruckus? Because a ruckus elicits an eye roll, not you rolling in it.

Why should audiences pay attention to your brand?

Do you have something to say? Then say it. Unapologetically. With your whole chest. Because watering down a strong message tastes like an overly-milky cappuccino; it’ll do the trick, sure, but you probably won’t order from that cafe again. 

It is about knowing why you want your brand to sound a certain way, and sticking by it. If you want your brand to be based on subtlety, that of course has its place too. Not every brand needs to be cheeky or punchy to be a success. But if you do envision a punch: wrap your wrists, and let’s hit it.

Brands: consumers are clever, busy, and are to be respected.
But it doesn’t mean you can’t flirt a little, too.

Don’t know your why? We can help with that. 

Know your why, don’t know your what? We can help with that, too.