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04.07.22 | By Willow & Blake | branding

The beauty of Willow & Blake.

See the beauty in our work. Literally.

We’ve had skin in the game since the start, working on the beauty brands you admire on shelves and love having in your bathroom cabinet for over 10 years. We’ll try anything, but really love innovative and challenger brands daring to do something fresh.

With a front row seat to the beauty industry, we’ve seen those disruptors we worked on become dominant players. Pretty cool. 

To be Frank, it’s in our blood. But our beauty credentials boast more than just one coffee-loving guy.

Take a walk through our beauty gallery. 

Frank Body

What they needed: Literally everything. Frank was a side project turned million-dollar beauty brand that our founders still call theirs today. 

What we said: #LetsBeFrank. Wanting to cut through the jargon dominating the beauty industry at the time, we conceptualised it all: original coffee scrub, personified TOV that launched a thousand copies, disruptive packaging and a social and marketing strategy that had customers stripping off and covering themselves in coffee grounds. Almost 10 years later, and despite showering with millions of babes all over the world, Frank’s kept his ego in check to remain as honest and humble as ever. 

Where are they now? The world’s leading coffee-based skincare brand found in Sephora, Selfridges, Boots, Ulta, with more with 10 million products sold in over 144 countries.



What they needed: Creative and copy that cleared the way to sell their zit-zapping microneedle patches. 

What we said: Zit happens. Literally. Being refreshingly real about acne (it was 2016: most acne ads still didn’t show a single spot), our creative platform stood out in the market for its relatability and punchiness. We showed how easy it was to Zitsticka it and get back to doing what you love. 

Where are they now? Killing it (and zits) all over the world. A full skincare brand stocked at Ulta and Target in the USA, as well as luxury e-tailers Goop, Violet Grey and Net-a-Porter



What they needed: Help refining and redefining the brand strategy and TOV of their rapidly growing hair care brand, spearheaded by founder and powerhouse Nancy Twine.

What we said: Clean, healthy hair care for all. We developed a TOV that was warm and energetic, full of life and thoughtful, and took that across brand guidelines, web copy, campaigns and a social media retainer. 

Where are they now? Stocked in Sephora, Mecca, Revolve and more, their brand (and our hair!) is getting stronger every day. In 2022, it was announced they’d been acquired by Wella, with sales exceeding $100 million. 


Bondi Sands

What they needed: In 2016, the iconic Australian tanning brand needed help defining and articulating their TOV before heading into the UK market as they continued to export the Australian lifestyle.

What we said: We gave their TOV a certified Aussie glow by taking it back to ‘Sand, Sun and The Sea’. Laidback, warm and fun: just like the perfect day at the beach. We brought it to life across packaging copy and product naming, and had a holiday babysitting their socials while their social media manager was on leave. 

Where are they now? In some of the world’s biggest retailers, including Priceline, Boots, Walgreens and more and with a predicted $200 million in sales in 2022.



What they needed: Leading the clean beauty movement back in 2016, the US-based retailer was looking to open their first stores and needed help finding their voice and brand strategy. 

What we said: Know Your Beauty. With the concept of clean beauty still in its early days, we had to educate consumers without scaring them away, and maintain the “beauty” of the brand. We landed on the hero message of “Know your beauty”, a dual message talking to the customer about themselves and the products that make up their everyday lives. Then we brought that to life through their voice, internal TOV guidelines, all in-store signage and social strategy. 

Where are they now? Still cleaning up the beauty industry, Credo now has 96 stores and over 211k followers on social media.


The Base Collective

What they needed: Help establishing their brand strategy, TOV and social strategy as they launched and went to market.

What we said: We made the wonder ingredient of topical magnesium sound delightful rather than dry, with copy that educated consumers on its benefits without losing them in the science. 

Where are they now? A multimillion dollar beauty brand stocked in Priceline and Anthropologie in the US. 

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