Micro Moments: how to capture consumer attention in seconds.

27.10.23 | By Kimberley Killender | business

Micro Moments: how to capture consumer attention in seconds.

It's not about the time, it's about the timing.

Attention is the new currency. With every ding, beep, and buzz, our focus flits from one thing to the next. We know consumer attention spans are shrinking. (I’m not the only one who can barely make it through a minute long TikTok, right?) With content constantly vying for our attention, marketers are grappling with an ever evolving challenge: how can you capture and keep attention in mere moments?

What are Micro Moments?

You know when you whip out your phone because you HAVE to know which actor voices that cartoon platypus? That’s a micro moment.

It’s a super short window when consumers demand instant answers or solutions. In these crucial seconds (or minutes, if you’re lucky) consumers are looking for quick, relevant, and actionable information. If your brand is present and provides value in these micro moments, you can influence purchase decisions and preferences. Simple. Ish. 

Google’s Four Micro Moments to Master. 

The digital world is vast, but Google's got our back. They've spotlighted four key moments when users turn to their devices for quick answers. 

I-want-to-know Moments
"Is a tomato a fruit?" and other pressing 3 AM questions.

I-want-to-go Moments
"Where's a late-night sushi place that won't give me food poisoning?"

I-want-to-do Moments
"How to rock a mullet in 2023" (Love your energy.)

I-want-to-buy Moments
“A rhinestone-studded toaster is exactly what this kitchen needs.”

How to Micro-Moment.

It’s all well and good knowing micro moments exist, but how do you make the most of them? Let's break it down into simple steps and to help your brand stand out when it counts.

  1. Guess their next move. 

    Understand your audience. Map out their journey and identify when and where they're most likely to experience micro moments related to your product or service. 

  2. Show up uninvited. 

    Be there. Like that one guy at the party who wasn’t actually invited, but is tearing up the dance floor. This could mean optimising for local search, creating how-to content, or making sure your ads show up in relevant mobile searches. 

  3. Keep it quick. 

    In a micro moment, speed matters. Your content should load fast, and capture attention in a single glance or pause. 

  4. Stay relevant. 

    Tailor your content to match their moment. If someone is searching for “balcony garden ideas” or “best indoor succulents”, your lawn mower or weed killer ad is a waste of everyone’s time. 

  5. Measure and optimise. 

    How well are you doing? Regularly check in and analyse if you’re hitting the mark with your moment grabs. Data is your best friend.

  6. Don't act like an ad.
    This one is for all our social media baddies, trying to explain to their boss why TikTok didn't like the "Take 15% OFF" video as much as they like the slightly unhinged T-Swift memes. People don't want to be advertised to, they want to be entertained, engaged, and able to relate.

Micro moments are short chances to make a big impact. Dive in, be there, and serve your consumers the good stuff before they swipe away. Big campaigns are great, but it's the quick moments that count psychologically. So, make each one matter.

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