Seven deadly sins of social.

13.06.23 | By Ellie Laffner | social media

Seven deadly sins of social.

Are you guilty of any of these social media sins?

Some look at social media as a sport. Others, a religion. And some have no idea how to look at it all together. 

But whether you’re a brand finding their groove on the ‘gram or an influencer looking to make their mark, here are the official 7 Deadly Sins Of Social, so you can know what the hell to look out for. 

  1. Pride
    Definition: Refusing to evolve with the times and trends.

    Explanation: Social media is an ever-evolving landscape. It’s why we love it, hate it, and are secretly all addicted to it. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make on social media is an unwillingness to pivot with the times. For example, in a study conducted by Cisco, it was predicted that by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. So if you’re a brand creating hella good static imagery but have zero video content up your sleeve, you’re bound for disengagement. Being agile is everything when it comes to building a social presence. Our tip? Take each month as an opportunity to reflect and learn from the data, and then adapt accordingly for your next round of content.

  2. Envy
    Definition: Ripping off someone’s creative concept.

    Explanation: Look, we know competition is everywhere. That’s life. But when it comes to business and social, original thought always triumphs. There’s a difference between getting inspiration from other brands and straight up ripping off their concept, tone of voice and aesthetic. Believe in your brand and concept enough to build it on its own, because nothing sells better than original thought. And when in doubt,  always, always (we repeat, always) credit someone else's work on social media. A simple @ will usually suffice. 

  3. Wrath
    Definition: Getting feisty on social media.

    Explanation: Fortunately or unfortunately for everyone; what happens on social media stays on social media. With cancel-culture still alive and well, it’s important to carefully consider everything you post as a business or brand. This includes how you respond to negative feedback, how you address criticism and how you respond privately via DMs. It can all be immortalised in the black hole that is the internet, and has the ability to make or break a brand’s reputation - and an audience's trust, too.

    The TL;DR: think before you respond. 

  4. Gluttony
    Definition: Taking up too much of your audience's time.

    Explanation: Unless you're Beyonce, posting 7 times a day will not lead to engagement. Neither will spamming or saturating your audiences feed. However what it will lead to is unfollows and copious eye rolls. Instead, with each piece of content, be strategic, intentional and pointed with the message you’re trying to convey. Find more tools for content creation here.

  5. Lust
    Definition: Going after any influencer with a following.

    Explanation: All press is good press, unless said press never reaches your intended audience. As a brand, it may be tempting to target any influencer who will take you, but this is a sure fire way to waste valuable budget. Be specific with your influencer marketing to ensure you’re reaching the right customers. Read more about influenceology here to understand how to get more bang for your buck. 

  6. Sloth
    Definition: Getting lazy on quality.

    Explanation: We’re talking low-resolution imagery. We’re talking ignoring comments. We’re talking about overdoing it on recycled content. You can spot a social-sloth from a mile away.  If you’re creating memorable content that customers want to engage with, don’t get lazy and expect the sales to fly. Simple as that.

  7. Greed
    Definition: Thinking ‘faking it’ will lead to making it.

    Explanation: Buying followers… just don’t do it. If you have 1 million followers and only 2 comments per post (both of which are from your parents), something is going to look suss. You need your audience more than they need you, so thinking you can outsmart them is a surefire way to make them disengage. Grow your followers organically with good quality content and targeting ads, and you’ll find the results (see: cash) you’re looking for.

Are you guilty of any of these sins?  Don’t worry, we won’t judge. But we will help. Get in touch here

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