The tough world of male beauty brands.

21.06.22 | By Ellie Laffner | opinion

The tough world of male beauty brands.

Escape the manscape.

For years, the male species have stuck to one skincare regime:  

  1. Splash water on your face.

  2. Have flawless skin.

But in truth, self-care is not exclusive to female-identifying folk. 

Men love face masks too.

As our society becomes more inclusive, we’ve seen a rise in beauty brands for men. While this is certainly exciting (for men and their pores) we’re yet to see true variety when it comes to an overall brand tone and aesthetic. 

So how are beauty brands targeting men - without threatening their masculinity in the process? 

(Siri, play Two And A Half Men theme song).

This is how.



No glow-getters here. It’s all about the macho-naming. It seems gender stereotyping is the first step in bridging the gap between beauty products and the male customer base. 

1. Handsome.
Sharp, direct, and tells you exactly what you’re going to get. Bottled burliness. Nice.

2. Hunter Lab.
Studies say in the palaeolithic times, men hunted for food and high-quality cleansers.

3. Bro-To.
Go-To’s macho brother. Because if you’re not bro-ing out with your skin, you're bound for breakouts.


Neutral Colours

We’re still a long way away from a fluro-pink beard-oil brand. For now, it’s minimalism to the max. Think black packaging, matte textures and heavy typography. 

Like: Lumin or The Secret.


A Sturdy Tone Of Voice

Brands aren’t wasting words. No whimsical woowoo. No fluff. With a sophisticated, direct tone, they’re getting straight to the point. Descriptions are ‘strength’ based such as Power Serums and Facial Fuel. 

Unless of course (now pay attention here), they create a tone that is so simplistic, it actually becomes cheeky. 


See: Stuff. 

Products include:

Stuff: for your face.

Stuff: for your pits.

Stuff: for your head and body.


Or F*ace For Men.

Products include:

Wash your f*ace mate: Facewash.

Save your f*ace mate: Moisturizer. 

Okay self-aware kings.

Knowing thy audience is important. Speaking their language is too. But when it comes to male beauty branding, there’s wiggle room to break stereotypes. To surprise and delight customers, not just appease them. This creates further brand recognition and loyalty. And probably smoother skin, too.

Creating a product for men? We can help with that.

Need a tone of voice to match? We’ve got you, bro.

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