What our Willows have been consuming after COB.

04.08.23 | By Alyce McNeil | business

What our Willows have been consuming (and recommending) after COB.

A high-performing team still impressively moulds couch indents. So what has our creative collective been consuming when they’re not on the clock?

Bri, Senior Copywriter and Strategist.

For the eyes:

I finally read The Vanishing Half, an historical fiction about twin sisters who leave their all-Black hometown and go their separate ways—one passing as white. Really engaging read that explores identity, race, and class. It’s stayed with me.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation was unrelenting in its satire. Hilariously dark, about an over-privileged, pretty, blonde young woman trying to take enough prescription drugs to sleep for an entire year. Loaded with modern ennui, it’s a masterclass in sardonic tone.

For the ears:

The Louis Theroux Podcast feat. Shania Twain: What a life that woman has had! She experienced so many hardships and came out the other side as an incredibly successful singer, a humble person, and a brilliant storyteller. I was totally enthralled.

Science Vs, The Dentist: Toss the Floss? Flush the Brush? This episode was all about how important and effective flossing and brushing are. You’ll be surprised! (All their episodes are awesome FYI.)

Rob, General Manager.

For the eyes:

I love biographies and true stories about business and history. I most recently read Andre Agassi's biography 'Open'. I was amazed to learn how much he actually hated tennis, it goes to show that just because you're good at something doesn't mean you need to like it. Next on my list is Paul McCartney's bio. 

For the ears:

Podcast-wise, it's a similar theme - stories about businesses, founders and other people. I'd highly recommend the Acquired podcast. Each episode hosts David and Ben detail the business journey of famous brands over 2-4 hours. Standout episodes include LVMH, TSMC, Nike and SONY. Another great one is Founders by David Senra where each podcast he shares lessons he learned from a biography.

Micaela, Production Manager. 

For the eyes:

TV: Currently re-watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I align with Danny Devito (small, big belly, grumpy). Also just watched The Favourite and loved it - Olivia Coleman means a lot to me (also, a fan of anything Yorgos Lathimos in general). Other favourite shows, past and present, include:

For laughing - The Office, Peep Show, Arrested Development, Silicon Valley

For substance - Breaking Bad, POSE, The Bear

For bad-good - Emily in Paris, Never Have I Ever, The Summer I Turned Pretty, And Just Like That, Sex Life of College Girls

For the ears:

Any Podcast with Esther Perel. I deeply love her.

Shaun, Design Director.

For the eyes:

I’m watching Paul T Goldman. A bizarre, outright hilarious and somewhat truthful documentary telling the story of a failed marriage, through the eyes of the 'Paul' who ended up making a book and a movie about his experience. Prepare to fall in love with this oddball man, whose reality is as engrossing as his fantasies.

Bree, Founder + Creative Director.

For the eyes:

The Bear. And learning a lot about leadership and team dynamics. Also enjoying an honest, raw look at the chaos of family.

Good to Great, a book I only just started. After a string of lovely but light fiction books, I’m excited to delve into a business book again.

For the body:

Hot cold therapy. Saunas, spas and ice baths are getting me through winter.


The Five Minute Journal. A simple habit that can change your outlook on life.

Kimberley, Senior Copywriter and Strategist.

For the eyes:

Wordslut by Amanda Montell. A nonfiction read for word nerds, and anyone dubbed the “angry feminist” of their family (guilty). Wordslut works through gendered language and its impact on society with a historical lens, plenty of humour, and a healthy dose of deconstructing social norms. Also, lots of swearing.

Good Omens Season 2. A solid set of laughs paired with an immediate existential crisis? My kind of show. Tune in if you’re into comedic takes on the biblical creation of the universe, David Tennant and Michael Sheen’s filthy amount of chemistry, and symbolic but utterly unsubtle costume design at its best.

Madeleine, Senior Account Manager.

For the eyes:

You Be Mother, my new favourite book. It has the wittiness of a good Hugh Grant movie.

The characters are complex and I have found myself thinking about it beyond the final pages.

Recommending: The Co.Bake Space, a place for ‘pickups and popups’ from Alisha Henderson (Sweet Bakes) and Alice Bennett (Miss Trixie Drinks Tea). They’re hosting a bunch of for-a-good-time-not-a-long-times in this spot on Swan Street in Richmond, with pop-ups for everything from Merry People gumboots to treats by the slice from Melbourne’s best with butter.

Noah, Graphic Designer.

For the eyes:

Reprise – The first film of Joachim Trier’s Oslo trilogy (Oslo, August 31st & The worst person in the world) a series of coming-of-age films for adults. Reprise tackles the toxic complexities of male friendships and the ups and downs of creative ambitions in a humorous and deeply tender way. Along with amazing cinematography, acting and early 90s normcore outfits, Reprise and the Oslo trilogy are a must-watch.

Alyce, Senior Copywriter and Strategist.

For the ears:

Flight 571: Survival in the Andes from You’re Wrong About. One of the most gripping true stories I’ve ever listened to, discussed by two fantastic podcast hosts.

For the eyes:

Anything Raven Smith writes for Vogue. A columnist that tackles topical subjects with bitey candour, he’s got a particular penchant for turning a phrase in a funnier direction than you expected.

Recommending: The Satay Bowl at Greenstreat in Richmond, Melbourne. I’ve had four in seven days.

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