3 popular internet trends you’ve never heard of.

Like Alice, we've all fallen down some rabbit holes in our time on the internet.

The weird, the wacky, the WTFs that remind you that there truly is a market for everything

And that you’ve never had an original thought in your life. 

But even the most “online” amongst us haven’t seen everything. So here are some internet trends you might have missed.

Internet ABCs


What it is: They’re videos featuring a person preparing and/or eating enormous amounts of food in one sitting; all for your viewing pleasure. The word mukbang originates from the Korean word meokbang, meaning “eating” and bangsong meaning “broadcast.” 

Why people love it: Research shows that one of the main benefits viewers get from mukbangs is the ability to live vicariously through someone else’s food choices. And the feeling of being a part of a community. For many, mukbangs create a feeling of belonging, and a digitised way of sharing a meal with someone. With videos accumulating over 20 million views; it’s probably the biggest dinner party they’ll ever attend.

What it tells us about branding: People crave company, and for a generation more isolated than ever, it tells us that the longing for inclusion, comfort and community is universal. When creating a brand, it’s not enough to have products that work. You need a cohort of people that feel included; and have a shared set of values and interests. See: Lululemon, Patagonia, frank body, Apple



What it is: ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s the term used to describe ‘a tingling, calming sensation some people experience in response to close personal attention or certain audio or visual stimuli.’ Think: whispering, tapping, chewing, popping bubble wrap, or tearing paper. 

Why people love it: The same reason people love anything; it feels good. While hedonists may be shaking their head in disdain, billions of viewers around the world would tend to disagree. 

What this tells us about branding: Forget sex. Sensorial experiences sell. From texture to scent to the way our skincare products snap open, it all counts in a branding experience. If your brand is creating a sensory experience from the get-go, you’re more likely to have a returning customer. 



What is it: GRWM stands for Get Ready With Me – content where influencers show how they prepare for certain events. 

Examples include:

GRWM: Gym edition.

GRWM: Work edition.

GRWM: Night out edition.

It’s essentially watching someone’s routine. Not to be confused with routine watching. Although if you’re watching GRWM’s on the daily, it probably is. Videos can range from 60 second TikToks, to 20 minute makeup routines on Youtube. 

Why people love it: It’s aspirational, of course. For many juggling work, children, or the general lunacy of adult life, there is something therapeutic about watching someone who has their shit together. It shows us what we could be, if only we joined the 5am club. All our problems would be solved, stat.

What this tells us about branding: People want to know how a product fits into a routine, not just what it does. People want to be active, stoic, disciplined, glowing – and <insert influencer’s> product, at a specific time of day, is the way to get there.

If we copy someone’s GRWM to a tea, we too could be a yogi corporate lawyer crypto-god who makes a mean matcha latte before 8am.

Whether you’re into nail painting or pimple popping, there is a space on the internet for you. Because the enormous popularity of these trends prove the fascinating thing about human nature; that we all fundamentally crave community. That aspirational content appeals to the masses. And that people will always be looking for their next life changing product.


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