What women (really) want.

It’s International Women’s Day. (Yes, men have one too - it’s the 19th November.)

In lieu of free croissants and a tired corporate presentation, here’s hoping 2021 continues a time of action and change, rather than just tribute. To celebrate, listen and hear what people who identify as female are actually saying.

And with this year’s theme centering around equality, what better way than to list what women want? Peers, brands, society; take note.

Of course, one woman or even several can’t speak for all women. That’s kind of the thing: we’re not all the same.

So here’s a starting point, non-exhaustive list of things women would actually really quite like, please and thank you. Now.

What women want

More pockets.

A SATC reboot WITH Samantha.

Fancy linen bedding.

A kitchen tap for Espresso Martinis. Or gin. Or beer.

‘Women’s sport’ to be just ‘sport’.

A moment (or more) to ourselves

To be seen.



Equal pay.

Equal funding.

Equal opportunity.

To see all types of faces and bodies fairly and equally represented.

The end of beauty standards.

To have ‘female’ health concerns and conditions respected and understood.


To walk the streets at night without fear or hesitation. Day, too.

To feel safe at work. And in our homes. Always.

To not be defined by who we’re dating, having sex with or married to.

To be extraordinary. Or ordinary.

To not be pigeon-holed by others, brands or society.

To have a side hustle.

To not need a side hustle to pay the bills or feel fulfilled.

To have children.

To not have children.

To be heard in the boardroom and the bedroom.

To not have to ‘be like a man’ to succeed.

For men to feel free and confident to embrace their ‘feminine’ side.

Not be asked ‘how does she do it all?’ but ‘Why does she do it all?’

To take up space. 

(To go to space, too.)


What will you start with?

Find out more about what you can do this International Women’s Day here.