Everyday by frank body Case Study

Creating a new era of personal care for every body, every day.

From brand identity, vessel design and benefit-focused copy, to art direction and a go-to-market campaign, we worked hand in hand with frank body to imagine a new era of personal care. 

The brief: create a brand that could leverage the equity built over time in frank body, and also stand alone, including within a whole new retail environment; Priceline. 

We designed a range featuring four unique franchises; each identifiable via ingredient, benefit and colourway. Leading to shoppable, affordable, effective products that work effectively and look good on anyone’s shelf. 

To launch Everyday to market, we considered how to position a new range of personal care as a daily essential. The answer: place the product in scenarios already familiar to us: baskets, conveyor belts, weigh scales and fridges—inviting people to add great skin to their shopping list. Our campaign Everyday, everyday demonstrated that good skin is now at your convenience. 

For social, we were tasked with elevating the Everyday Instagram aesthetic. Yes, lo-fi Reels work well for the algorithm—but what was working well for the brand? We designed a suite of assets, iconography and brand tools to transform the Everyday social aesthetic into something that not only looks great, but elevates the Everyday brand. For always. 

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