Mr Miyagi Case Study

Somewhere between Mr Miyagi teaching life lessons through karate and becoming a cult Melbourne eatery, he was our client.

To create a memorable persona to match its name, and a social media strategy that could launch the brand into stardom, we imagined a tone of voice for contemporary Japanese fusion restaurant, Mr Miyagi, unlike any other.

Witty, kind, and sometimes cheeky, we gave voice to the persona of Mr M through a series of food-meets-life lessons, that came to life throughout the venue, across digital and on social via the hashtag #MrMSays.

So likeable was our persona, and so delicious the food, that Mr Miyagi grew from 0 to 60,000 followers on social media. It remains a cult-like Melbourne eatery that draws a crowd, and sometimes a queue, any night of the week. 

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