Make it work: from home

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably experienced the rollercoaster relationship with working from home.

The Honeymoon Stage: Dopamine is high as you realise you’ve hit the jackpot.

No commute, no pants, no problems.


The Rocky Reveal: Suddenly. Things you’ve never noticed start to bother you. 

The sound of your own gum smacking. Or your internet provider.

Tensions rise. Hair begins to frizz. Blood begins to boil. 


The Acceptance Station: All aboard. You’re in it for the long(er) haul.

What’s working, what’s not, and how the hell do we fix it?


We think, if you’re going to be joint at the hip, you may as well have some fun with it. Here’s how.

Tips to make WFH, work.


1. Tidy Up

Not to steal Marie Kondo’s thunder, but we too, like to tidy. Every evening, to be specific. 

Spend a few minutes post clock-off putting some things away. Pens. Scraps. Mugs.

Clean space, clear mind; and your future self will thank you. 


2. Decorate. 

Just a little. Working without human interaction can get dry, especially if you’re in a creative industry. Adding colour and zest to your work environment will make all the difference; in mood and inspiration. Surround yourself with prints, photos, or a forest of pot plants. 


3. Aroma. 

Smells like shit is getting DONE in here. 

Citrus scents (eg. grapefruit, lemon, orange) are fantastic for focus, alertness and thus, productivity. Try dabbing essential oils on your wrists and temples throughout the day.


5. Get Dressed. 

A hard one, we know. We’re not saying do the whole glitz, glam, full contour/highlighting routine. Definitely not. But do dress smart enough to get yourself in the zone. Think of it as an extra shot of caffeine. Not so hard anymore, now is it?


6. A Desk Kettle. 

This is for the risk takers, mug makers, and those looking to level up their WFH game.

If that’s not you, keep scrolling. 

Instructions: take the kettle from the kitchen (and your favourite mug and tea bags).
Bring it to your desk. Plug in. Enjoy an endless stream of hot tea at your fingertips. 

Hello hydration. Goodbye getting up. Because who do you think we are? Elite athletes? 

We digress. 


7. Airplane mode

For when you REALLY need to stop scrolling Instagram.

Work hard. Play hard. And good luck.


P.s. You’re on mute.