Base State Branding

A brand that lasts for a longevity clinic.

Nestled in the heights of Aspen, Base State approached us to develop a brand identity for their longevity clinic. It needed to be as elevated as their luxurious mountain location whilst avoiding the cold, clinical style the industry was stagnating in.

Base State uses scientific insights and unique genetic data to help extend your health span, build resilience, and elevate your base state of being.  At the core of their philosophy is the fusion of ancient practices and modern technology. Our challenge was to visually and conceptually capture this essence, creating a brand that resonates with both the scientifically-minded and those drawn to natural wellness.

We championed duality at every touchpoint, establishing Base State as the premier Aspen location for those seeking to elevate their physical, mental, and spiritual state. Sleek, modern lines met natural colours, clean landscapes, and curated silhouettes. We paired that earthy visual identity with a voice that felt both grounded and aspirational, whilst being able to distill complex practises and their benefits onto a page. Then, we helped roll it out across social, print collateral, and digital touchpoints.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the infrared sauna. 

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