Remy Sleep
What they needed
A total revamp to help their brand of weighted blankets stand out in the increasingly homogeneous sleep aid market. We started with a fresh strategy that allowed us to create a visual identity and tone of voice that wasn’t lazy or tired. Or dark blue. We showcased how Remy blankets put people at ease and help them rest easier, instead of telling.
What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Visual Identity Design
Web Design
Web Copy
Content Strategy
Art Direction
Social Media Strategy
Event Design

How we went
We focussed on the ultimate dream: great sleep. Remy became the ticket to Dreamland - a prompt to put the weight on and float off into your own wonderful, wacky, and calmer world. We introduced soft, surreal, and squishy shapes and dream symbols inspired by REM sleep where the most vivid dreams occur, alongside a bright, fresh, and friendly palette. Then we brought it all to life with a new website and engaging social media and content strategy that show better sleep is no longer just a dream.
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