Boldify Case Study

A haircare campaign with volume.

Boldify knows that good quality haircare shouldn’t weigh you down. As a haircare brand dedicated to helping those experiencing hair loss, they needed a strategy, website, and campaign that lifts their audience up by the roots. 

We created a brand strategy for the hair twirlers, hat wearers, split-end pickers, and hairspray hoarders. Understanding the emotional mindset of their audience was key for concepting the campaign idea: Turn Up the Volume. We ideated and produced an uplifting campaign video and photoshoots for product and talent.

We also designed a modern and elevated website to align with their refreshed brand direction. And we created an extensive series of how-to videos in the same fun and energetic style as their strategy, website, campaign, and suite of assets. 

Because what defines us is not the hair on our head, but the confidence we wear when we know we’re looking after ourselves.

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