Remy Sleep Case Study

Remy Sleep

Seeking a total revamp to help their weighted blankets stand out in the increasingly snooze-inducing sleep aid market, we built a fresh strategy with a visual identity and tone of voice that wasn’t lazy or tired. Or dark blue.

We focused on the ultimate dream: great sleep. We prompted people to put the ‘weight on and float off’ into their own wonderful, wacky, and calmer world, alongside soft, surreal, and squishy shapes inspired by REM sleep where the most vivid dreams occur. We then brought it to life with a bright, friendly colour palette, a new website, and an engaging social media and content strategy.

Planning, delivery, communication, post-delivery, and recommendations were all perfect. Conversion rates, basket size, & customer lifetime value have all gone up. "
Abeer Iqbal, Founder

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