St. Louis Says haircare brand strategy and identity.

Heavenly good haircare branding.

St. Louis Says came to us with a brand name and a collection of hero haircare products. They asked us to build a highly marketable brand, so we created hair heaven.

Strategic observations of the category led us to understand that accessible haircare is saturated. We needed to capture early adopters by forming a universe and a community, and capitalise on the existing elevated packaging design with a cool and considered art direction and digital presence.

By channelling an irreverent tone of voice paired with glorious visuals, we established a memorable and iconic brand world. Hair paradise. Where haircare doesn’t cost the earth, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics, and you can expect salon-grade quality at sinful prices. The audience feels in on the joke with over the top references to paradise—beauty, nature, animals, flowers, water—and a hyperbolic promise that a simple shampoo will change your life.

Ironic, clever and with an air of mystique from the elusive brand persona, St. Louis Says is designed to stand out in a saturated market and appeal to the internet generation. From owning the angel emoji to a unique unboxing experience, we created an entire brand world. And the golden gates are open.

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