YAAY Brand Strategy and Identity

A cheeky take on better gut health.

YAAY came to us with a product and a dream: to start a revo-loo-tion around inner care. 

Their psyllium husk product was made to keep guts and butts cleaner, with the fibre capsule acting as a brush for your colon, binding things together, lubing things up, and helping create a smoother, cleaner exit that results in less wiping.

First, we created a brand strategy that would help people be unashamed about what was going down in their bathrooms and bedrooms. 

We built a cheeky tone of voice that used no shortage of bum puns. We found clever ways to talk to taboo topics, navigating internet censorship and cultural cringing around inner-cleanliness, poop, and butt stuff.  We let the world know that YAAY had their back(side), no matter what they wanted to do with it. 

Then we tied it all up in a colourful bow with visual design, including a colour palette as bold and vibrant as the YAAY founders themselves, and a logo mark that felt as joyful as a clean wipe.

This is gut health, but sexy.

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