Willow & Blake Art Direction & Production Services

Art Direction & Production

Where some see just words or numbers, our creative team see colour. Shapes. Possibilities. Magic.

Then we’ll pluck it out of their imagination and make it real. Working with our network of photographers, videographers and cinematographers from a variety of video production companies, we’ll create beautiful imagery to use on your website, social media, print ads, billboards, your fridge or your nan’s bedside table. Wherever you want to show it off.

Here’s the part where we humblebrag about our past work.

Let’s get the family album out, shall we? First, the baby snaps. Like the campaign we shot for Tooshies. That positioned nappies as a piece of technology, then was splashed across 12 carefully chosen billboards and 45 panels, exposing the brand to 800,000 people. Or the imagery we shot to rebrand personalised vitamins from Vitable; a pill that was very easy to swallow. Then there’s the time we put babes in the bath and celebrated every shade of nude with our mate frank. Or our on-location shoot for Greenvines to nurture and grow great content for products that are even better for your skin and body. 

But let’s rewind a little. Because our job starts long before anyone steps on set. Before the set is even staged. We can create the entire overarching campaign concept, as well as the script writing, art direction and creative direction. We’re a Blake of all trades.

Creating the IRL moodboard.

Here's how we start.

  • We’ll ideate, conceptualise and execute what your brand or campaign looks like visually.

  • We’ll listen. 

  • Then we'll question.

To dive deep to make sure we understand your brand, product or campaign purpose. To ensure we’re selling not just your product, but the lifestyle associated with it too.

Let’s get casting.

It’s important to find the perfect face for your brand. Or the right hand for the job. Or foot, for that matter. We’ll organise and source the best talent for the shoot, video or voiceover. 

Then we’ll get the rest of the crew together. Alert and assemble the best stylist, hair and makeup artist, videographer and cinematographer. Search and source the perfect location, props and wardrobe. All the details that will help build, reinforce and sell your brand and its visual identity.

Ready, set, shoot.

From Byron Bay to the tub in your bathroom. On location in Australia or US. It’s time we bring your photo or video shoot to life (and snacks for everyone, too).

With clear vision, our art direction will ensure the creative strategy is being met, and seize those unexpected moments to ensure we’re getting out of the day exactly what we need; that shot. The shot. Or many of them.

Then it’s time for the final touches: the touch ups, the resizing, the putting together of the pieces to make a whole lot of incredible. 

Finally, wrapped up with a (virtual) bow, you’re delivered your campaign shot, TV commercial, website imagery or social content. 


You in?

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